Truth vs. Lies

Truth vs. Lies

Truth vs. Lies by Diane Mohieldin-Schwartz, Chief Operating Officer at MHQ

I have never liked when sales people try to instill fear or doubt in my mind by maligning the product or provider I am currently using. When a sales person heads down that path in our first meeting she quickly excludes herself, her company, and her product from my consideration. I would prefer to hear how a company or product is different, or a better fit for me, my purpose, and my company. I am astonished anyone still fear mongers to get the attention of a prospect. Yet we have a competitor who is doing just that and he has stepped up his game recently spreading lies about our business to our existing customers, prospective customers, and our own employees, trying to instill fear and doubt in their minds. The lies make their way back to us through our loyal customers and suppliers and by the time they have been repeated several times they take on some humorous variations. I would like to state and dispel some of them here:

Lie #1 – Larry Gordon (or Colonial, or Tasca, or the abominable snowman) is buying MHQ. False. No one is buying MHQ. The Ribakoff family founded this company in 1960 as Natick Auto Sales, Inc. and started the municipal up-fitting division that became MHQ in 1979. Charles and Patty Ribakoff still own and operate MHQ, Inc. and have no current plans to sell to anyone.

 Lie #2 – MHQ is going out of business. False. Revenue and profit in 2017 exceeds 2016. Bookings are very strong and we have a healthy backlog of work. We recently moved in to a larger heavy truck up-fit facility in Oxford, twice the size of our former Shrewsbury location, and we are striving to improve our build turn rate. We are opening a new fleet service facility in Webster, which allows our install operation in Marlborough to expand on site. Our Middletown, CT location has exceeded our expectations in every way. We are hiring in Marlborough, Oxford and Webster right now to add to our 130+ strong team.

Lie #3 – MHQ does not have Ford vehicles. False. We have multiple contract paths to provide our customers Ford vehicles and we have a long-term strong partnership with Place Motor, a business known for its focus on commercial and fleet customers. New Ford product is drop-shipped to our Marlborough and Middletown locations every week. I invite you to stop by and see for yourself.

Lie #4 – MHQ is moving to Rhode Island. False. Although, maybe we should think about opening there soon . . .

There have been at least a dozen variations on these lies. If you hear one of these lies and have any questions or concerns about doing business with MHQ, please call me at work or on my cell phone 508-573-2603 or 774-696-4904 or email me at