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Kustom Signals Radar Pro-Lite + Lidar System


Kustom Signals
  • The Pro-Lite+ Lidar is the smallest and lightest lidar speed detection and monitoring device on the market while offering an exceptional level of performance and target accuracy for police and other law enforcement officers. These speed detection devices are different than radars because they use light waves instead of radio waves to measure the target.
  • The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is designed to provide 1:1 viewing, without magnification, for precise vehicle targeting, detection and less eye strain. When using the HUD you'll see the target area and surrounding traffic for positive target identification, as well as an illuminated aiming reticle to help you pinpoint your target.
  • The Pro-Lite+ Lidar uses the HUD technology for range applications up to 2,000 ft. and also provides full speed tracking history, while maintaining a simple, easy 4-button format.
  • This speed detection and monitoring handheld device offers easy "point-and-shoot" operation for police and other law enforcement officers that is ideal for motor officers and even foot patrol police officers. This lightweight Lidar system allows for hours of operation without physical stress and since both eyes can be kept open, eyestrain is virtually eliminated. The Pro-Lite+ Lidar includes a neck strap/lanyard, so it can be easily carried or worn around the neck. Additionally, the unit operates on two standard AA batteries and can be used in the field for over 30 hours before the batteries need to be replaced.
  • The environmental mode on this speed detection and monitoring device minimizes the range-limiting effects of poor weather conditions as well as eliminating problems with shooting through obstructions such as fences and trees. Additionally, the selectable direction mode prevents displays of unselected traffic direction. This mode prevents the operator from inadvertently obtaining a speed from an opposite direction vehicle. This speed detection and monitoring device also has the capability of setting minimum and maximum target ranges—great for areas such as school and construction zones where you need a beginning and end mark to target vehicles inside a specific area.
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