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PCC #15-16-17-18-19 Ford Public Service Vehicles Vehicles/Equipment Plymouth County Commissioner’s
PCC #15-16-17-18-19 Toyota Public Service Vehicles Vehicles/Equipment Plymouth County Commissioner’s
GBPC Ford Vehicles Ford Vehicles MAPC
GBPC Dodge Vehicles Dodge Vehicles MAPC
GBPC Aftermarket Equipment for Public Service Vehicles Vehicle Outfitting MAPC
Comm of MA OSD Vehicle/Equipment Comm of MA OSD
ITC47 Rugged Computers/Equipment Comm of MA OSD
FIR04 Police Equipment Comm of MA OSD
SP15- Com Post-F64 Service of Command vehicles Mass State Police
SP16-MSPVEH-F80 Marked/Unmarked vehicles Mass State Police
SP10-TRANS-F80 Transmission Repair Mass State Police
SP13-RadLid-X65 Purchase Radar/Lidar Mass State Police
SP12-vehmnt-F83 Vehicle Maintenance Mass State Police
MDOTBOSTON14 Medium Duty Trucks MA DOT
12PSX0194 Ford Police Interceptors Ford Police Interceptors CT Dept Admin Services
11PSX0134 Safety Lighting & Warning Devices Safety Lighting & Warning Devices CT Dept Admin Services
15PSX0221 Purchase of Panasonic Arbitrator/Computers Purchase of Panasonic Arbitrator/Computers CT Dept Admin Services
11PSX0117 Emergency Response/Law Enforcement Equipment Emergency Response/Law Enforcement Equipment CT Dept Admin Services